Healing Leaf is an initiative towards a sustainable approach to help people move towards a healthy & nutritional living.

Healing Leaf brings you a collection of products derived for the Hemp plants. Our hemp is grown locally and sourced from hardworking farmers of Uttarakhand. We want to deliver the benefits of Hemp to as many people and pets as we can all around the globe.

About the Founder

Since a very young age I have always been focused on starting something where I can create value in my life and other people’s life. When I got to know about the Hemp Plant from a dear friend, I was curious and eager to work around it and hence, Healing Leaf was born. 

I have personally seen how the Hemp Plant helps one in numerous ways. I wanted to move towards sustainable and greener lifestyle and that is when I introduced hemp in my diet and personal care routine. Along with this I gained deeper knowledge about Hemp and it’s beneficial properties.   

With great conviction I introduced the advantages to friends, family and pets. Seeing how it contributed positively in their lives, gave me the great sense of motivation and satisfaction to choose Hemp and create more awareness about this magical plant.

Rasesh Khanna


Hemp is a botanical class of Cannabis sativa  plants grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. Not only it’s one of the most sustainable plants but also one with the most health benefits. It is a powder house of nutrients. 

Hemp overflows with Good Fats – Omega-3, 6 and 9 which assists in a healthy heart & brain, improved skin and hair health and boosts immunity. Hemp is a complete protein that comes from plants and consists all the 20 amino acids.  The list doesn’t stop there, it’s a healthy fiber that aids in digestion. It is rich in Vitamin E that helps maintain healthy skin and nails, Iron for healthy blood and Potassium for proper maintenance of the organs. 

Long story short, Hemp is a Blessing!