Hemp Cooking Oil

Hemp an eco-friendly crop, paving the way forward as the most sustainable farming practices. We all are aware of how Hemps plays an important role in daily life, they are also known as nature’s purifier. Today we are going to talk about Hemp cooking oil or we can say should we use it for cooking? Are they Healthy? Safe to consume ?

The answer to all your question is yes. They can be used for cooking; they are healthy and
perfectly safe to consume. In fact, they are healthier than olive oil. They have a rich nutty
flavor and are a nutrient-dense addition to dishes. They consist of protein and are high in
essential fatty acids. Cold-pressed hemp seed oil is also a great addition to recipes, just like
olive oil.

Most common question is asked will it get me high while hemp seed oil. The answer is no it
will not get you high hemp seed oil does not have psychoactive properties. The seed are
great for cooking and their soft texture makes them perfect for salads, soups & smoothies.
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