Hemp Oil Benefits For Pets

Hemp seed oil has undoubtedly gained lot of attention given how it has been effective for humans in many ways. It has proven to be equally effective for pets as well.

Helps your pet relax and fight anxiety: It is no secret that this oil has therapeutic properties. Though Hemp oil has almost zero THC which means no psychoactive effect is there. Hemp is well known for its relaxing effects when consumed orally. Pets who are hyper active or fighting anxiety issue, hemp oil will keep them calm and compose.

Pets generally have anxiety during festive season. During such times where there are loud noise, you can give them few hemp oil drops orally or you can mix it with some treats of food, it will help them to stay calm during such environment

Multi-purpose oil: It is a multi-purpose oil which is completely safe to be use as both topically and orally. For topical application, just massage it on your pet’s skin if you want to work on certain skin conditions.

For oral application, You can give it orally by mixing it with food or just by directly feeding them.

Skin Healing: Hemp seed oil  has properties which can soothe the skin and heal it, too. If their fur is shed often, hemp oil can strengthen them and further reduce the shedding.

Always consult he right dosage and amount to be used. It should not be given more or applied more than the required amount. Kindly read the back of the packet or consult the doctor.

Relieves arthritic pain: Some pets go through arthritic pain and majorly old pet deals with  this issue (arthritic pain.) It has anti-inflammatory properties which will help heal and strengthen the body. Remember to start early and reap its benefits later.

In short hemp is a blessing for them #healingleafindia

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